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10 Ways to Make Money

Creating meaningful cash flow ($10k+ net profit)

    1. Start a restaurant

    The thing I am the best at

    2. New Speakeasy

    There is always room in a market for a specific experience

    3. Greatest Haunted House in History

    I have an idea here that is beyond amazing.

    4. Video editing agency

    The demand for this service is going to be a blue ocean for the foreseeable future

    5. Buy a service business in Las Vegas

    My second home and I know the market well.

    6. Buy a service business in Kansas City

    I know this market for 25 years and can oversee easily.

    7. Niche down in one of my areas of expertise

    8. Offer white glove service to get people tax free organization setup

    I have the knowledge to set up

    9. Package up businesses for sale to help business owners

    So many mom and pop businesses will be selling and many many owners do not know how to get their financials ready. I can do this very well for folks and charge accordingly ($4000-$5000 per client).

    10. Find a local business for sale in Kansas City

    Become a partner and earn out with the owner for zero down. This way, the owner gets full price, I learn the business and take over slowly while removing myself from the equation.

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