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10 Ways To Make Money with Music

. I have not been paid to play music in more than 30 years. But it is a passion of mine. Maybe some of these ideas can help me turn a hobby into a side hustle.

    1. Create a group to play corporate functions

    2. Create A YouTube channel for an avant-garde online only band

    3. Create a local music store and music emporium. This would be a single building where there is a performance space, space for lessons, and a storefront.

    4. Create online tutorials and e-books for things like setting up your guitar and wiring your guitar

    5. Through the music Emporium make an online lessons library similar to Scott’s bass lessons but wide ranging

    6. Buy, sell, trade and fix musical instruments

    7. Use Alibaba and create a new brand. Have custom guitars built that fill a niche like scalloped guitar necks

    8. Run an afterschool music camp. This could be similar to school of rock and housed in music emporium.

    9. Get small touring acts to play in the local music emporium and split the door with them

    10. Learn enough material to play solo jazz guitar gigs

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