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10 Ways To Make Work More Fun

    1. Gamify it.

    Try to find some aspect of the work that you can turn into play.

    2. Include other people.

    If others are doing the same work as you, can you find a way to do the work together? This general sense of camaraderie tends to lighten the sense of burden.

    3. Say "I get to..." rather than "I have to..."

    Realize that work doesn't feel fun because your mindset is such that it's not fun. Even if there is something else you prefer to do, make the mindset switch to say that you have a unique opportunity to do this thing and it's a privilege, not a burden.

    4. Stop taking the work so seriously.

    Are you curing cancer? No? Then the work probably isn't as consequential as you may think it is. Keep it light.

    5. Remind yourself that in a week, a month, a year, and most definitely beyond a year, no one will care.

    As much as the task right now seems to matter, it will almost certainly be forgotten in the long term. Maybe as soon as tomorrow. So might as well enjoy what you're doing and not take it so seriously.

    6. Constantly ask yourself why you're doing the work.

    Knowing your intentions will help power you through most challenges. If you don't know why you're climbing the mountain, then why climb it?

    7. Combine your work tasks with something fun.

    Is there some way to incorporate something you love, like music, with your work, to make it more playful?

    8. Take consistent breaks.

    Work will always feel like work if you just non-stop grind all day. Go for a walk, get a coffee, talk to a stranger, and gain perspective.

    9. Never take on more than you can handle.

    I know for me that work really begins to feel burdensome when I try and take on more than I can handle. Can you take a few things off your plate?

    10. Make it a (friendly) competition.

    Nothing is more fun than having a friendly competition with someone to see who can win. Why not apply that to your work?

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