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10 ways to make your long-haul flights more enjoyable

    1. Noise cancelling earbuds / earphones

    I have a set of headphones and find it blocks out noise slightly better than earbuds - and depending on the earbuds, I think earbuds may be more comfortable (my headphones tend to get sweaty if I wear them for a long time)

    2. Reusable water bottle

    The flight attendants are great at filling your water bottle - so you don't have to keep asking for water

    3. Kindle / Books / Notebooks

    Some people play video games. Others watch the in-flight movies. Yet others work away on their computer. I like to read but it's not smart to bring too many books with you so get a Kindle instead.

    4. A companion

    Could be a friend, partner, parent, child - just makes leaving your things behind a bit easier

    5. Lysol wipes

    Your flight tray is (probably) disgusting and if you're going to eat there you might as well clean it.

    6. Neck pillow

    You may sleep or not but having extra cushion for your neck is handy

    7. Sleeping mask

    The flight will go off the day and night cycle of where you came from so if you're trying to adjust to the new time zone, a sleeping mask is handy (and handy for when you get to your destination)

    8. Charger

    For your phone / Kindle / laptop / etc.

    9. Layers of clothing

    Something versatile so you can quickly adjust to the temperature inside the plane

    10. Comfortable shoes

    You're not going to be walking around a lot on the plane but you might as well bring comfortable shoes with you on your trip

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