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10 ways to make your next year your best year ever

    1. Assess what happened in the past year

    Look at your calendar, figure out where your time went and then assess what brought you joy? What gave you the greatest ROI? What things were awful? Waste of time?

    2. Determine what you want out of your next year

    More business? Happiness? I.e., figure out your goals

    3. Align your calendar so that your goals are met

    Want to get healthier? Schedule regular sessions for exercise.

    4. Determine what resources you need to succeed

    Who do you need to talk to? Who can support you?

    5. Break down your annual goal into monthly and weekly goals

    That way, you can figure out if you're meeting your annual goals or whether you need to readjust

    6. Identify knowledge gaps

    Are there things you just don't know how to do. How will you fill them in? How will you for example, get customers? Find your niche?

    7. If you have a good idea of the 'big rocks' in your calendar, leave gaps for space

    8. It doesn't have to be set in stone

    Plans change, especially when you get new information. Roll with it.

    9. Reward yourself for meeting your goals

    It's a great way of keeping motivated

    10. Evaluate on a regular basis (say every month or quarter)

    Are you meeting your goals? What isn't working? What is working better than you thought? How do you need to adjust your plans?

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