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10 Ways to Maximize your computer before upgrading

I have some GAS for a new computer. First I need to make sure that I am squeezing everything I can out of the one that I have! I have a Mac M1 mini. Every 6 months that I can wait means a new generation of computers.

    1. Disable background software

    2. buy monitoring software

    I was able to see that I am RAM constricted. The processor keeps up.

    3. single task: close unused programs

    This is huge: Chrome takes almost half the computer's memory.

    4. buy good quality cables

    With USB-C and Thunderbolt some cables are active with chips inside. This makes a huge difference. Plan to pay around $100 - $150 for a 2 meter thunderbolt 4 cable.

    5. buy good quality hubs and docks

    I recently bought an OWC powered hub: things work better

    6. Buy good HDMI cables

    The highest rated/over rated cables. I use 8k rated cables for 4 K monitors.

    7. Make sure that you have a lot of free disk space

    Especially with the Apple M1+ they swap a lot of RAM memory to the main disk: dozens of gigabytes.

    8. Use Clean My Mac or similar software

    I resisted this for a long time as I thought it was gimmicky. It makes a noticeable difference in speed.

    9. With intensive software like Logic or Final Cut learn to reduce your CPU usage

    There are many techniques to optimize performance and reduce processing usage. Learn how to do this today, and it will help you in the future.

    10. Restart your computer before beginning a new project

    11. Reduce UI animation

    This is not as important as it once was but on Windows you can disable all of the window animations. It makes the computer run much faster.

    12. Install Linux

    To get WAY more performance out of older hardware run Linux for basic web surfing/emails. Much less junk running.

    13. If appropriate, disconnect from the internet

    So many apps are trying to connect to the mothership all the time.

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