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10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

    1. The Choice Theory

    I am 100% in control of my life. Even if I am not directly in control of what happens to me, I can always choose how I react to it.

    2. The 10,000 Hour Rule

    If you are good at something, it's because you have practiced for at least 10,000 hours. Always be practicing.

    3. The "No Excuses" Rule

    There are no excuses for why you can't do something. If there is some reason why you think you can't do something, then find a way to make that reason irrelevant and then do it.

    4. Invent the future

    Always be creating the future you want to happen. Don't wait for someone else to give it to you or for luck or fate or whatever. Luck doesn't exist and fate is a bunch of BS we tell ourselves so we don't feel responsible for our lives.

    5. Be happy right now!

    Whatever situation you are in, be happy right now! Don't wait until later when things change (which they will). There is nothing wrong with feeling depressed but always look for the silver lining in every situation and celebrate that instead of waiting for the next thing to happen that might make you happy.

    6. What's Your Why? - Tony Robbins

    Every morning when you get up, ask yourself "Why am I getting out of bed?" You have to have a deep down answer to this question every day or else life will beat you down into the ground and never let go until your dead body answers the question.

    7. Who do you love? - Tim Urban ("Wait But Why")

    Tim Urban wrote an excellent article about this but I can summarize it here as well. Let's say there are three people who love you very much and they all call on the same day wanting money from you because they each need $10,000 by tomorrow morning but they won't say why they need it (and maybe they even lie about why) and they all call at 6 AM while your head is still foggy from sleep and saying NO feels like cutting off part of your arm so how do you decide? Well, accordingTo Urban (and he has data), if there is anyone who loves YOU more than anyone else on Earth then that person should get all your money even if everyone else loves them more than they love YOU (but not vice versa). This seems counter-intuitive but apparently this rule works 100% of the time . And note that "loves" does not mean "you're friends with". It means "they care about your well-being above their own". So if someone says "we're friends" but then asks for money anyway then forget them forever unless they repent (which rarely happens). This is one of those rules where it seems like an exception would apply but apparently doesn't ever apply so just follow this rule strictly.. Note also that this only applies if there's only one person who loves YOU more than anyone else on Earth.. If there are two people like this then split evenly.. And note again that loving YOU more than anyone else on Earth does NOT mean being friends with YOU.. It means caring about YOUR well-being above their own.. Also note that Tim Urban says he has data on this but he doesn't publish his data anywhere so... take with a grain of salt BUT THIS RULE WORKS IF FOLLOWED STRICTLY AND THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO IT BECAUSE IF THERE WERE AN EXCEPTION THEN IT WOULD BE ANOTHER RULE AND THIS IS THE ONLY RULE SO THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO IT!! Ok got all that? Now go ask yourself who loves

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