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10 ways to position myself well for my upcoming performance review

My performance review is scheduled for the end of this month, and I've *really* been working towards a promotion. Here are some quick thoughts I jotted down on how I can best position myself and the work I've been doing.

Context: In my organization, everyone is busy. I'm afraid that letting my work simply speak for itself will result in my being overlooked, so I'm preparing a pitch for why I have been a great contribution to the workplace over the past two quarters.

If anyone has any advice, I am all ears!

    1. Highlight outcomes, not just effort

    Effort is great, but I doubt that I would be a good candidate for a promotion simply because I've worked hard and "deserve" it. Instead, I plan to focus on the outcomes of what I've done this year and how they've benefitted the company.

    2. Clearly describe how I'm going above and beyond in my current role

    While I don't exactly have KPIs in my role, I do have a pretty well-defined job description for 1) my current role and 2) the next step up. If I can show that I'm already acting as the next level up, I'll be making the case for myself.

    3. Show instances of leadership whenever possible

    Leadership is such an important tenant of being successful in the workplace, even for more junior roles like mine that don't involve direct reports. I want my manager to see me as an autonomous, self-motivated team player that takes initiative and can be relied on.

    4. Befriend my manager

    I already like my colleagues (including my manager) and think they're fantastic, inspiring people, so I can basically check this one off. My thinking is that people are more likely to help those they like, so it's important to remember the human element of workplace success.

    5. Always strive to give credit to my colleagues

    This one is inspired by @JamesAltucher, who's highlighted the importance of giving credit to get credit. My colleagues are inspirational, smart pleasures to work with, and I want to use some of my performance review to shine the light on them too. There's plenty to go around!

    6. Align myself with my organization's values

    and highlight this alignment in personal branding and positioning, so that I demonstrate how I can grow within the organization.

    7. Display knowledge of the market, what its needs are, and how I address those in a wider context

    My thinking here is that this is important because expertise, and an ability to convey this to clients, is an important facet of my job.

    8. Show that I have a strong capacity for growth

    Checking boxes isn't enough. I want to convince my manager that I'm committed to constantly growing and continuously learning. I really think this mindset is critical in succeeding in any role.

    9. Convey enthusiasm and excitement, with poise

    I really think that personality (or the "EQ", as some might call it), is so important in being successful at work. That's why I want to show that I'm excited at the possibility of doing more.

    I guess I'm a bit wary of coming off as inexperienced or overly unprofessional if I'm too excited (I've learned on a few occasions that being excited as a young woman in the workplace can unfortunately lead people to take you less seriously), so I added the "with poise" part at the end. I'm still committed to being myself at the end of the day, and I'm an excitable person!

    10. Show evidence of innovation, thought, and critical thinking when formulating my argument

    These are values that are really appreciated in our industry and workplace alike, so I wanted to call them out explicitly.

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