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10 ways to preserve my financial runway after being laid off last week

Got laid off. Have around $37k in reserves. Live at home with parents. Need to make it last for at least one year

10 ways to preserve my financial runway after being laid off last week

    1. Sell or get rid of things that I don't need

    Can sell my 2nd macbook, can sell my motorcycle, can sell my drone. Get rid of stuff I own that i don't use anymore to reduce clutter

    2. For purchases over $100, wait 3-5 business days before making decision

    To prevent impulse buying and to prevent buyer's remorse

    3. Consider getting a part time job, 16-20 hours per week

    This will stretch out my reserves for longer, need to extend my time freedom

    4. Ask my parents to let me pause my rent payments for 6-12 months

    Mom and dad might be able to help me, i'll pay them back later after my business idea takes off

    5. Analyze my spending to see where to cut costs

    Already canceled lots of subscriptions, most of my spending is on food/supplements

    6. If I come across a book that I want to buy, try to get cheapest kindle version

    Or free online version, or read at a bookstore like barnes n noble

    7. Work with fam to split costs on certain shared items

    Laundry detergent can be split instead of me buying. Food is also possible to split.

    8. Do extra work around the house to justify less financial contribution

    Wash all dishes, take out all trashes, dog care, etc.

    9. Cancel music subscription, but first save songs and playlists list

    Figure out a way to export library info to my laptop

    10. See if i quality for food stamps

    This will significantly reduce my food costs, food is very important because I'm using foods to heal myself

    11. Go on that one website to get my WiFi bill waived to lower cost

    Find that gov website, found it

    12. Explore loan options when i get to around $10k if needed

    Reach out to close family members to work out a loan deal if worse comes to worse

    13. Cancel or pause gym membership

    Go to in shape in person tomorrow to see if they can cancel my membership

    14. Order only one 5 gallon natural spring water, use homemade distilled water for everything else

    need to reduce water costs

    15. Cancel door dash dashpass before Nov 28

    No more ordering stuff on doordash

    16. Cancel substack membership

    $20 per month, cancel by end of nov

    17. Keep an eye on expenses, cut any fat, become lean, and be vigilant

    Expenses will show me what needs improvement, looked at most of them, need to be vigilant

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