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10 ways to reduce the time between idea and execution

I'm often guilty of not acting fast enough. Twice recently, I came across this idea of reducing the time between coming up with an idea and executing it and how that can be a big factor in terms of success, which I thought was interesting. So what are some ways one can reduce that time?

These could be about starting a new business, or getting into content creation, or probably many other things too.

10 ways to reduce the time between idea and execution

    1. Do some cold outreach immediately

    If you wanna start a marketing agency in a specific niche, contact at least one website in that niche.

    2. Create a website / Set up a landing page

    3. Hire a freelancer

    Even if it's just for a simple and cheap task.

    4. Create a social media account

    5. Make a video

    6. Contact people who might be able to help and/or potential collaborators

    7. Write a guest post

    8. Block 30 minutes to one hour to work on it every day for a week

    And if you still wanna continue, commit to a longer timeframe.

    9. Buy something that you'll need for your project

    Maybe it's a SaaS product if you're starting a business, or a tripod if you're starting a YouTube channel.

    10. Get feedback on something as soon as possible

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