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10 Ways to reduce use/disposal of plastic

    1. Taxes

    This is not a popular idea, but increasing taxes on certain products has often resulted in some change...

    2. Gamified Recycling

    Recycling rewards financially are very low and probably will never be high unless the government influenced it. Perhaps there is an app idea that can make plastic reduction "fun."

    3. Restaurants that allow you to bring your own dishes

    Must be a way to make this fun on social media to bring your own paper plates.

    4. Make more "valuable" plastic items

    Plastic is often considered cheap and easy to throw away. Maybe plastic should be made to be more expensive for certain products. I.e. make them in a way people will be less likely to throw them away as often

    5. Invest more money into substitutes

    No one has fully reinvented the container game... Maybe there is no better cheaper solution?

    6. Massive Plastic PSA

    The government made PSA's about drinking milk, eating apples, having coffee, and many more. How come the government has never invested in a PSA to reduce plastic?

    7. No luxury plastic accessories

    Perhaps a campaign from luxury brands such as LV, Gucci, etc... stating they no longer use any plastic in their products because of the harm...

    8. Instead of "Spring Cleaning" -> "Spring Recycling"

    Not sure how this message could get out there...

    9. More knowledge about alternative materials via movies and tv

    How the heck is plastic in almost everything? Surely there must be some good substitutes!

    10. Create more software/other stuff that could subsitute for plastic purchases.

    Technology, such as video games, could hopefully reduce the demand for plastic toys as an example - although it may not have a huge impact. I can't think much about another example though... Computers can reduce the need for spiral binders? Get schools to reduce demand for plastic binders? Instead of selling plastic trinkets, offer things people can enjoy on their mobile device. etc...

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