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10 Ways To Rejuvenate After A Long Tiring Week

Inspired by @younes

    1. Spending quality time in an onsen.

    2. Preferably an onsen situated in the heart of nature with lots of snow monkeys joining you.

    3. Emulate the snow monkeys, do what they do, and learn to become one with nature.

    4. Enjoy some classic Super Nintendo while soaking in the onsen.

    5. Consider renting a yacht with an onsen inside and enjoying the passing waves as you drift through the ocean.

    6. Run naked through fields of ice and snow and jump in an onsen right after.

    7. If there are no fields of ice and snow where you live, then run through the forest with a butterfly net in hand and catch interesting insects you can bring home.

    8. Throw stuff away. It is oddly relaxing, and satisfying. Don't think. Just feel. Does this spark joy? :O

    9. Don't throw it into the trash. Bring them all outside, stack them up into a huge tower, and find the funnest way to totally demolish it all!

    10. Play with fireworks. But be careful you don't get burned. While you're at it, enjoy some outdoor BBQ.

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