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10 ways to relieve neck pain

I see more and more patients for neck pain on a weekly basis at my clinic. After treating them with acupuncture, cupping and herbs, these are my top 10 homework assignments

    1. Lat pull downs exercises

    The main muscles involved in neck pain are the upper trapezius, developing the lat muscles helps to combat these tighter muscles.

    2. Shoulder wall slide exercises

    3. Change your pillow

    4. Decrease the amount of inflammatory foods in your diet

    5. Change your sleeping position

    Building off of the pillow change, changing the way we sleep is the next development

    6. Change the height of your desk chair, or switch to a standing desk

    7. Chiropractor adjustment

    But do follow up exercises to develop lat and rhomboid muscles

    8. Weekly acupuncture treatments

    But again do follow up homework exercises . . . otherwise it’s your money

    9. Put down the phone and look up

    This phone position is really developing some poor posture and not helping your neck

    10. Remember to play

    Play decreases stress. Play can be a yoga practice or exercises. Laugh!

    11. Wear a scarf

    Cold air tightens the upper traps and shrugs the scapula up towards the ears, keep the neck long

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