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10 Ways to Remember Someone's Name

    1. When meeting someone, and the person says their name, be sure to repeat it back immediately.

    2. Picture the person's name on their forehead.

    3. Ask for the person's phone number.

    Then, you'll be forced to ask for the person's name in order to enter it in your phone.

    4. Repeatedly use the person's name throughout the conversation.

    Just try not to do it so much that it comes off as creepy.

    5. At the first available moment, write down the person's name.

    6. Try and associate the first letter of their name to the first letter of something that you notice about them.

    For example, if the person's name is "Todd," and Todd is tall, envision the letter "T."

    7. Try and think of a word that rhymes with their name, and then associate the two.

    So, if the persona's name is Amy, think of the word Mammy and associate "Mammy" with "Amy."

    8. If the person's name is the same as the name of someone you currently know, try and find a way to associate the two people in order to also link their names.

    For instance, if the person you just met has red hair, and has the same name as someone you already know with red hair, then link the two of them in your mind.

    9. In a humorous way, when hearing someone's name for the first time, repeat it back to them multiple times.

    If they ask why you're doing that, just say that it's because you're trying to memorize their name (because you are!).

    10. Simply repeat the name over and over to yourself after you meet the person.

    It doesn't have to be done out loud.

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