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10 ways to revive your marriage

uncommon thoughts on how to get your marriage off life support

    1. Have sex

    2. Laugh together

    3. Do interesting things together

    4. Do things for others together

    5. Don't argue for 24 hours

    6. Make a list of 10 things you like about your partner and read them to them

    7. Tell them the story of how you met and why you fell in love with them

    8. Make up a fantasy marriage and see if your current marriage measures up to it. Then try to make it happen. (see "The Relationship Fix" by Andrew Huberman)

    For instance, if my fantasy marriage is that I am married to someone who is as funny as me (I'm not saying this is true or false), then maybe I should work on being funnier so we have more laughs together. Or perhaps I can find ways to be funnier in other relationships so that my wife sees that quality in me and likes it more when she sees it in our relationship.

    This idea comes from Andrew Huber's book, "The Relationship Fix". SetFontSize

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