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10 ways to ruin a family trip

I have a family trip coming up in couple weeks, and decided to do the opposite of what I would normally brainstorm.

    1. Forget about it completely and not show up

    This would be especially bad because I am the one who suggested this trip to everyone.

    2. Drink heavily the night before

    Effective way to pull #1 above unintentionally by missing the train.

    3. Bring up hurtful past of someone else or talk about something that has been prone to arguments.

    We don't really talk much about politics and religion in my family. Nobody really tries not to talk about it (I think). BUT as with any family, there are certain things. We walk the less trodden path of fighting over something more miscellaneous than the state of economy.

    4. Choose meals that are heavy with dairy or other things that may upset digestive system for at least one person

    If one person is sick, then it's medic mode for everyone. There's plenty of food that qualifies "safe" food.

    5. Being "spontaneous" and "letting the intuition (of six very different people) guide (all of) you"

    This has been the identical dynamic on every single family trip ever. Without an autocratic decision maker, we'll argue over what to eat and what to do, especially since the trip involves different groups. It ends up being the survival of the most stubborn. We should make big decisions (only what we'll do & what we'll eat because it is a single-day trip) in advance. This will helps us be more present.

    6. Get mad

    I don't know why I get mad at people I like so much. Yet I do. I need to remember that I only get to see my parents a handful times per year. I only want good memories while they're still healthy.

    7. Thinking about work I could be doing instead

    Why do I do this?!!

    8. Fall down the cliff

    Hey I've seen it happen, most recently from the new Dr. Strange movie when Wong fell on the cold rock. Although he woke up from it with zero injury and not even shivering in the snowy mountain, we are probably of different species.

    9. Wear uncomfortable clothes or shoes

    There will be plenty of walking

    10. Not checking the weather and praying for sunny day, all day, happy day.

    Probably just have a contingency plan rather than bringing raincoats.

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