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10 ways to sell crafts online

Looking for ways to sell home-made crafts like greeting cards, jewelry, ornaments, and books online

    1. Etsy

    Sell on They take 3.5% and they have a huge community of buyers.

    2. Ebay

    They take 10%. But there are millions of buyers there as well.

    3. Your own Shopify store or website

    Buy a domain name, use Shopify (or similar) to create a website, put up your products, and you're up and running. You pay monthly for the site but it's very cheap ($10-$20/month).

    4. Amazon Handmade (and similar sites)

    Amazon has "handmade" which is similar to Etsy but with less of a community feeling. But still many buyers. And then they also have Handmade by Amazon which is more like regular Amazon products where you can sell anything that's handmade as long as you make it yourself and list the materials used to make it (like if you made an iPhone case out of wood, you would list "maple wood" in the description). Or, if you want to sell books on Amazon, they have Kindle Direct Publishing where you can list your book for free (you keep 70% of the price).

    5. Your own site or shop with Shopify or Volusion or Big Commerce or Squarespace or...

    There are many options. The important thing is that these sites are all hosted so they take care of security issues and other problems that come with hosting your own site. Also, most have apps so people can buy from your site on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp or wherever else they might be buying things these days.

    6. A custom e-commerce site using something like Netlify + Zapier + Twilio + Square for payments + etc...

    This is what I do at my company when we help artists sell their work online via custom websites we build for them using Netlify (which takes care of security issues), plus we use Zapier to connect their website to all sorts of other services suchas Twilio for SMS order confirmations, Square for payments, etc... Again, there are many ways to do this but this is one way I've seen done succesfully many times over the last few years.

    7. Bookly

    Bookly is a service that makes it easy to set up an online bookstore that looks like a real book store so people feel comfortable ordering from you instead of Amazon (or whatever). Check them out here:
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