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10 ways to sell crafts online that aren't an Etsy store

Looking for ways to sell home-made crafts like greeting cards, jewelry, ornaments, and books online that don't involve opening an Etsy store

    1. Sell on Gumroad

    Gumroad is a great platform for selling digital goods like ebooks, videos, online courses, etc. They take 3.5% and give you 60% of the price. So if you sell an ebook for $10 they take $0.35 and you get $9.65.

    2. Use Shopify to make a simple ecommerce store

    You can set up a simple store on Shopify (they take 3-4% depending on how much you charge) with products from Amazon (so no shipping costs), and then put your own little brand label on it so people know it's not Amazon but some special thing you created.

    3. Sell PDFs on Drip or ConvertKit or any other email list company

    Drip is an automated email marketing service that makes it easy to send out emails about new books, courses, etc that you create. You can even charge people to be part of your "subscription" list (like a monthly newsletter) and charge for the course or book or whatever else you are promoting in your emails.
    ConvertKit is similar but instead of using drip pages they have "landing pages" where someone buys something right there without having to go through an email campaign first.
    The best part about these services is they take care of all the payment processing so all you have to do is create stuff and they will distribute it automatically to whoever bought it.

    4. Use Gumroad again! But this time use their affiliate program!

    If someone buys anything on Gumroad using your link then you get 10% of their sales forever (unless they delete their account). This is a great way to monetize blog posts about things you like or find interesting because when people see your link they might click it and buy something cool that they might not have known about otherwise.

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