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10 ways to solve climate change without government intervention.

H/T @BillBergeman

Been a little lazy on idea lists as the year winds down. Thanks for keeping the embers burning.

    1. Educate

    If more people read and learned about climate instead of being told about climate, we would be better off.

    2. Accept that climates do change.

    With or without human intervention.

    3. Accept that reducing mankind’s effect on climate is admirable…

    ... but unlikely to significantly change the outcome. But the pursuit is still in our best interest.

    4. People hate being told (or forced) what to do.

    More gains will be made when public opinion is driving decision making. Not the other way around.

    5. Less landscaping

    Mowing less, trimming less, all improves microclimes AND reduces energy use. 

    6. But plant more trees

    Decide on which benefit is most important to you. Shading your home and property for natural cooling. Creating windbreaks to increase heating efficiency. Wood as a renewable energy resource. The growing of fruits and/or nuts for your pantry. Increased greenery for solar shielding and CO2 absorption. So plant more trees.

    7. Practice homesteading

    Grow some groceries. Repair instead of replace. Be more in tune with your property. Even if it's just your apartment windowsill.

    8. Insulation is cheaper than climate control.

    Active heating and cooling consumes huge amounts of energy and resources every year. Increased insulation requires less heating and less cooling. 

    9. Adjust your thermostat

    Keep your home two degrees cooler in winter and two degrees warmer in Summer. You'll acclimate and your checkbook will thank you.

    10. Reward Climate Smart initiatives.

    When you see communities and corporations doing things to help the climate that you agree with, support them. Buy their products. Spend in their village square. And make sure you let them know you approve.
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