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10 Ways To Stand Out in an AI-Dominated World

    1. Be wholeheartedly honest.

    Since AI allows people to mimic expertise where none is present, being unfailingly honest will allow you to stand out from the people who will eventually be uncovered as frauds.

    2. Tell your story.

    No one and no thing in this world has been on your journey. Your story is uniquely original.

    3. Invest more time offline than online.

    People who get caught up with the wonders of AI generally spend too much time online. Take your life offline and you'll need not worry about artificial intelligence.

    4. Be a great leader.

    No AI will ever be able to mimic the power of strong leadership skills.

    5. Be funny.

    You might be able to have AI generate jokes, but nothing beats a human being delivering a great one-liner.

    6. Specialize in real-world activities that can’t be mimicked by a bot.

    This one is related to #3 above. Rather than specialize in activities that can be easily replaced by AI, focus on real-world activities. Create art, get involved in sports, or learn a trade. Anything that doesn't involve computers.

    7. Be a human connector.

    AI will never be able to replace human-to-human connection.

    8. Don’t end your writing with “In conclusion…”

    Maybe I submit bad prompts, but it seems like most of the responses I get from ChatGPT feature a final paragraph that begins with "In conclusion..." as if it was serving me up a high school term paper. Terrible!

    9. Pursue a career that does not utilize computers.

    Again, you can learn a trade, practice stand-up comedy, become a postal worker, or become a magician!

    10. Be John Connor.

    Who better to be than the guy best prepared to save the world when Skynet becomes self-aware?


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