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10 ways to start a conversation

Thanks, @wyip!


    1. If I wanted to learn the most important aspects of your occupation / hobby to learn as much as possible in little time, what would be the top 3 things to know?

    Last year, I started asking people this. I forgot about it until now! I might start doing it again.

    2. What do you wanna do when you grow up?

    3. What's something cool you've learned recently?

    4. What's a skill that you could teach me?

    5. What are you embarrassed about?

    6. What are you proud of?

    7. What is one thing you enjoy doing that doesn't require you to feel motivated?

    My bestie is getting into coaching, and he blew someone's mind by asking him a simple question. The guy said he had no motivation for his studies (pressured into it by his parents), so my bestie asked what he does enjoy doing, and then he asked "When you do that, do you need to feel motivated before you can start?"

    It's an interesting way to reflect on what you're doing with your life.

    8. What's one thing in your life that's more important than yourself?

    Okay, maybe some of these questions are too deep for a first conversation. Some people will enjoy it, some people will be weirded out.

    9. What are the things that interest you the most, and why?

    10. Are you familiar with the trolley problem?

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