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10 Ways to Succeed with a YouTube channel online

I have put out some videos where I show how to fix something or another. After 11 years or so I think I have a grand total of about 1 million views but I am hardly a YT expert and not really qualified to dispense my own advice: I got most of these ideas from a Marques Brownlee Masterclass.

10 Ways to Succeed with a YouTube channel online

    1. Show your process with whatever you are doing

    There are millions of how to videos. About 40-60% of what I watch is a variation of how-to: about 40-60% podcast and 10% funny stuff (fail videos!)

    2. Show your human side: don't edit to perfection.

    Sometimes the false starts and failures are more instructive.

    3. Make something you are passionate about and can make hundreds of videos

    If you want to make any money on YouTube you need to put out a LOT of good content. In order to do this you should have some sort of interest or passion in what you are producing or it will simply fizzle out.

    4. Don't expect to make ANY money for a long time: years or probably never.

    If this is not a passion project for you it will reflect in your videos and you will burn out before you get any traction.

    5. As a corollary: don't monetize early. Build your audience first then you will have something to sell to advertisers (your audience's attention)

    6. Create to learn: create content to improve your own skills

    There are several examples of people that were dedicated and committed to something like drawing every day for a year or two until they got very good (Beeple, for example). As a viewer it is interesting to study someone's process. There are a number of videos like "100 days of guitar practice" "100 days of yoga" etc.

    7. Study your video structure to improve it

    How long is your intro? Did you pick the best thumbnail? Is your title good? Are you getting to the point? do you have a conclusion? what is your editing pace? You can improve all of these things.

    8. If you are serious about creating a series: spend time refining your workflow

    Know where your computer files are, and know how you will edit them. Have a consistent production space. If some software will help you, buy it.

    9. Give yourself a production schedule and stick to it: ship!

    Create regularly. This will make you better at making videos and a schedule will also force you to post them: ready or not. There are many variations on the idea that if you are not embarrassed by your first product you did not ship it early enough.

    10. Take classes from creators

    YouTube video channels are a huge industry. You can learn something from everyone. You might watch these for 10 hours and then you will get one trick that will save you 100 hours.

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