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10 Ways To Turn 1 Idea List Into Several New Pieces Of Content

    1. "Photo story"

    I did a selfie idea list. I could expand each of those selfies into a separate story.

    2. "Pick Your Own Adventure"

    Use idea lists to create a choose your own adventure story

    3. Send your ideas to random reporters and see what they say

    Probably a waste of time since ideas are better if they help a specific person, but maybe reporters will get a kick out of stuff.

    4. Print them out on little slips of paper and give them out like fortune cookies

    5. Some sort of digital art project

    Maybe an idea collage on something like IG

    6. Find if someone already invented it and share your thoughts around it with them

    7. Expand on them via a video or podcast

    8. Create a website with an RSS feed with your ideas (possible with notepd?)

    9. Put them in some online time capsule?

    10. Write the best ones down and hide them in a place where someone might discover them? (at least the ones you don't want)

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