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10 Ways to Use Stigmergy to Achieve Big Goals

From Wikipedia

"Stigmergy is a mechanism of indirect coordination, through the environment, between agents or actions. The principle is that the trace left in the environment by an individual action stimulates the performance of a succeeding action by the same or different agent."

It means you do something now to make it easier for your future self.


    1. Evening Planning and Reflections

    "Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious mind" – Thomas Edison

    Use your subconscious to make it easier for your conscious self the next day. Plan what you want to do the next day.

    2. Journaling

    Keeping note of stories, events, and goals helps your future self connect the dot in the future. They help the future self to use the stories of future blogs, see the progress made in achieving goals to continue or pivot, etc.

    3. Writing ideas daily

    Besides building the idea muscles, having an inventory of ideas to tap into makes it easy for your future self to start a blog, enrich an idea list to become a chapter of a book, etc.

    4. Scheduling

    Important things should be on your calendar. When you schedule your day, it makes it easier for your future self to assess the activities and perform the 20/80 magic.

    5. Exercising

    Exercising and building muscle mass will make it easier for your future self to play a golf round, go for a hike and wear that Taxido when you are 80 :)

    6. Flossing

    I spent a fair amount of money on fixing teeth that I could have spent on learning, traveling, etc. If I had brushed my teeth diligently and flossed regularly in my 20th, I would not have needed to get acquainted with a dentist.

    7. Invest in building relation

    Building the right transformational relationships is critical for the future self's success. You need a team to build greatness and a network to have it discovered.

    8. Fasting

    The less you eat the longer you live. The more things your future self can do.

    9. Meditating

    Remove the bed stress and brings clarity to your future self.

    10. Stress & Pressure

    Healthy stress will make you antifragile.

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