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10 ways to wake up early

So you can get your morning routines done

    1. Make your bedroom a sacred place

    Prime your mind and body into thinking that once you get into your bedroom, you sleep. Don't do anything else in there.

    2. Sleep early

    To wake up early, you need to sleep early

    3. Give yourself something to look forward to in the morning

    To develop any habit, you need a reward. Whether it's a great cup of coffee, a session with your trainer, or progress on your writing, have something to look forward to in the morning.

    4. Slowly work your way earlier

    If you wake up at 7 and want to wake up at 6 - slowly turn back your alarm. Doing it all at once may work for a few days but the habit won't stick. Instead, work your way back in 10 or 15 min increments. Don't beat yourself up if you can't wake up. This way, you aren't going back to 7 if you want to wake up at 6, instead, you might go back to 6:15 or 6:30 if are struggling to wake up earlier.

    5. Get a good night's rest

    Block out all outside lights. Make it pitch black. Set the temperature to something a bit cooler than room temperature. Make sure you're comfortable. Wear as little clothing as possible (your body regulates your temperature better without clothing).

    6. Don't do anything strenuous the night before

    Don't argue with your partner. Don't play bullet chess. Don't watch horror movies. Keep those things for during the day.

    7. Drink a lot of water

    Eskimos would drink a lot of water the night before. That way, they are forced to get up early because they have to pee.

    8. Use white noise

    Sometimes having white noise can help you sleep. It helps to block out outside noise as well.

    9. Reflect on how much you get done

    If you wake up early and don't get much done, it's probably better not to wake up early and sleep instead. If you do wake up early and get a lot done, reflect on how much better your days are when you get up early.

    10. Punish yourself

    Some individuals have a punishment where they make themselves accountable. If they don't wake up by a certain time, they have a daily reminder that goes off where twitter followers message them to get a $10 reward. If they don't wake up to turn off the reminder, they have to pay whoever messages them. That incentivizes them to get up early.

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