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10 Ways You Can Be More Productive During The Day

    1. Get Enough Sleep

    It's different for everyone. Experts recommend eight hours, but that seems to be an arbitrary number. Some days five hours is enough, and other days ten might be necessary. Just make sure to get enough sleep to help you feel awake, alert, and motivated.

    2. Take a few moments reflect

    Sit quietly and consider how well you slept, if you have anything that needs to be completed from the previous day, and what you hope to accomplish today. Take as long as you need. The appropriate amount of time is however long you need to find clarity.

    3. Read something on paper

    Read a book, newspaper, or magazine for at least five minutes.

    4. Write a "To-do-list"

    This is the most critical step of the day for me. If it isn't on my list, there's a 95% chance it won't get done.

    5. Exercise

    Get the blood pumping for at least a few minutes. How hard you hit it is up to you. For me, that means getting to the gym and lifting for an hour. If there's time, a little cardio goes a long way.

    6. Eat or drink something high in protein

    7. Caffeine

    Caffeine (Coffee) is another critical step for me to have a productive day.

    8. Check off each of the above 7 items to create some momentum.

    Momentum is key to a productive day. I learned this from Admiral William H. McRaven's speech and book "Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World".

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