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10 Ways You Can Be More Productive During The Day

Every single one of us has 24 hours in each and every day, but it's HOW we use our non-refundable minutes that truly makes the difference...

    1. Workout To A Sweat Every Day

    We as humans are built to move, sprint, lift heavy things and to ultimately SURVIVE each day! Yet in today's world, most of us spend more time over-thinking the next phone call that we "should" make whilst typing away at our desk or reclining in the lazy boy...

    However, the research all guides us to one place: The only workout you ever regret is the one you did not do. Are you "too busy" to workout? No... you've got the productivity of a slug... and that's why you're so "busy" trying to find more time to trade for money.

    Get your sweat on, raise your endorphins and watch your productivity hit a new all time high!

    2. Listen To Quality Audio Materials On The Move

    Whenever I hit a creative slump, I can always look back for the correlation to a lack of Personal Education and daily learning.

    Whilst books are great, I get it - you probably don't always prioritise it... however with audio (audiobooks/ podcasts) you can become a learning machine whilst on the move: Whilst driving, whilst walking, whilst commuting... you name it - it takes no more time in your day to flood your mind with the infinite amount of quality audio materials available today.

    3. Invest In Yourself With A Standing Desk (and ask your boss for permission...)

    Purchase yourself a standing desk and you will never go back!

    First person in the office to embrace the heightened productivity, raised oxygenation, brain health and dynamics of being able to switch between sitting/ standing throughout the day?

    No problem - make the investment in yourself, cut the cheque if needed for a flesible Vari desk that sits on top of your standard fixed office desk... and allow your resulting productivity to do the talking.

    4. Equip Yourself With The Highest Quality Ergonomics

    Go to hermanmiller dot com, search for your favourite chair, hit "Buy Now" and thank me later for investing in the basics of modern office life: A chair that no longer slowly kills your back :)

    5. Buy The BEST Work Technology Possible

    It continues to amaze me how many entrepreneur friends of mine setup their day with an old, substandard, slow PC/ Apple Mac/ 5-year old iPhone...

    Invest in the latest and greatest technology so that you have no "tech issue" excuses that suppress your personal excellence. I suggest the latest Macbook Pro with all the upgrades added, no expenses spared, and a standalone XL widescreen Dell desktop monitor when in your main workspace.

    Trust me: $5k investment in your personal computing productivity like this will give you the greatest combination of performance & flexibility whilst totally minimising expensive + frustrating tech downtime... whilst turning you into a BEAST primed for workplace domination.

    6. Learn How To Hack Your Keyboard With Shortcuts

    CTRL + C

    CTRL + V

    SHIFT + F2


    Speed equals Time (and money) in today's world. Double down on learning basic (yet critical) keyboard shortcuts and you instantly have a time saving that compounds it's ROI over time.

    Using spreadsheets often? Master your Excel Shortcuts by practicing, one step at a time... and watch those sluggish inefficiencies disappear from your schedule.

    7. Measure Your Step Count To 12,000+ Daily

    Life feels better when we get our steps in, consistently over time. In fact... I read recently that getting under 6,000 steps in per day puts is in a HIGH RISK category for depression and anxiety.

    Our bodies are built to move, frequently - every single day. Whilst I find my creative capacity to severely suffer when I don't get ma body movin' each day.

    8. Gamify Your Daily Schedule With A "Power List"

    Limit your daily actions to ONLY 5 (and no more, no less) vital priorities to get accomplished for the day.

    The challenge with most planners and "productivity tools" out there? They become a dumping ground for all the "To Do's" that are bouncing around in our head at any one time. Whilst reminding ourselves again and again how inefficient and ineffective we feel with our own lack of completion...

    Instead, take 5x key things daily and watch your productivity, mental wellbeing and self esteem sky rocket as you build WINNING days and WINNING habits with consistent completion of your 5x key daily priorities over time!

    9. Conquer Your MVP First Thing (a.k.a. "Eat That Frog")

    MVP = Most Valuable Priority well as Most Valuable Player on your team. The MVP gets the MVP done first thing in the day, no matter how hard it may feel to look it in the face first thing.

    Personally, I embrace my productive self by scheduling a 90-minute "MVP Jam Session" as my first major time block in the day - All in on the ONE THING, phone on silent, zero distractions no matter what.

    Why should we do the most critcal MVP task first thing in the day? It builds Mighty Mo (MOMENTUM) that carries us through the rest of the day, and eventual accomplishment of a 5-item "Power List".

    10. Declutter, Shut Down & Plan Tomorrow Today

    Never end a day without cleaning the desk in advance for the day ahead and observe how much better you feel to show up to work tomorrow.

    I call it the "shut down" ritual whereby I not onlly shut down my computer, but I seek to shut down my own mind... by noting down any items for tomorrow on a list/ post-it/ notes app that will otherwise be carried with me into my "recovery time" at the end of the day.

    By noting down your 5x critical items for the day ahead, you'll no longer leave the next day down to chance with a strategic plan in place the moment you hit your desk tomorrow. In the meantime - switch off, decompress, have a sauna (one of my evening favourites), read a book and put the lights out - you just won your day.

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