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10 Ways You Can Be More Productive During The Day

    1. Get up at the same time every day

    create consistency in your routine and start each day with a purpose at the same time to get the ball rolling

    2. Go to sleep (at the same time everyday) at least 8 hours before wakeup time.

    Energy is the engine productivity runs on and sleep is the scheduled maintenance that keeps it running at peak performance.

    3. Exercise Daily

    Nothing big, 15-20 minutes of focussed and sweat inducing movemnet. Especially effective if you do it during that window in the afternoon when a nap feels inviting. get the blood flowing

    4. cold shower 1 min daily

    no task in your day will be harder or will you want to resist more. Do it in the am and nothing will seem as difficult the rest of the day.

    5. Cut down screen time. No more than 5 mins a session on any app unless it is part of actual work activity (ansewring emails is ok as long as you are answering important ones for example and not procrastinating starting the next to do)

    6. schedule break time

    schedule in your procrastinations, and keep them to the allotted time.

    7. no rewards on days when productivity wasn't up to snuff

    no tv if you didn't make your calls, no desert if you didn't write that blog etc. Accomplish what you set out to do and if you didn't you dont get to enjoy the evening until you do

    8. 5 easy start of morning 'I dids"

    get the day going right when you get out of bed. Put yourself in task accomplishing mode right away and get 5 under your belt in the first minute. Keep it simple stretch? check, drink water? check, 5 jumping jacks to get the blood moving? check, make the bed? (toss the blanket over the pillows) check, brush teeth check. and were off and rolling already and we didn't even get the curst out of our eyes.

    9. surround yourself with productive people

    cant work at home go well, go to the office, a coffee shop, library. put yourself around people who are accomplishing and let it rub off on you.

    10. write ten ideas a day

    when you're an idea machine, you solve problems, find answers and get more done.

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