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10 Ways You Can Be More Productive During The Day

Increasing productivity leads to a more fulfilled life, and positivity.

    1. Make your bed

    First accomplishment of the day. Easy to do.

    2. Schedule (to do list for the day)

    Actually writing down what needs to be done and looking at your schedule, crossing them off as they are completed.

    3. Stay hydrated

    Nothing worse than feeling fatigued from lack of h2o

    4. Stay off social media and don’t watch the news

    Limiting social media and tv especially the news helps keep a neutral mindset and blocks out the negativity.

    5. Take many breaks

    Taking intermittent breaks helps refocus the brain and stay on task

    6. Journal at end of day

    Make a daily log entry of everything accomplished today and provide depth what went well or didn’t

    7. Walk a half hour a day

    Proven to help alleviate stress and anxiety and also great exercise

    8. Wake up stretches

    when you first wake up do toe touches and pick foot up and press against buttocks and hold. Of course one foot at a time.

    9. Sleep

    Don’t burn both ends of candle, reduces fatigue

    10. meditation

    Save time in middle of day to reflect on how day is going and ways to improve it with a focus on facts not emotions.

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