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10 weird things yoga instructors have said to me that made sense later

There are a lot of woo woo yoga instructors out there that say and do weird stuff. These actually make sense!

10 weird things yoga instructors have said to me that made sense later

    1. Breathe into the stretch

    I finally learned to use my breath to expand my torso in various ways. This is like blowing up a balloon from the inside to stretch the outside. It took me about 50 times to figure this out.

    2. Get as comfortable as you can … now get 5% more comfortable

    Heard this on a meditation: it works great especially if trying to go to sleep and you can just repeat it. Many layers of relaxation.

    3. This is why we call it a practice

    Usually said after someone falls down!

    4. Your right and left sides won't be the same

    Very true!

    5. Listen to what your body needs

    Helps to tune in beyond general aches and pains or stiffness.

    6. Your body is talking to you

    Uhh... I did finally come up with an internal interpretation of this.

    7. Breathe in one nostril and out the other

    I think I actually got this to work. This is super for "concentrating on your breath." Trying to figure out how to do this will block out all other thought.

    8. "And one day you will (look like this)...or not!"

    This is as the instructor is demonstrating some liquid pose where they are completely flat or easily sitting like a pretzel and I can barely comprehend what they are doing. But it does make sense and over time anyone can get better.

    9. Breathe into your knee, Breath into your ankle, etc.

    Related to #1. Trying to do this helps you concentrate on your breath. Sometimes it "feels" like you can actually do this. It does help concentrate on your breath.

    10. Savasana is the most important pose in your yoga practice

    This position is also called "corpse pose" and is lying flat on the floor. For a long time I went along with it and relaxed. It was good but I did not think that it was the "most important" until recently. From yogajournal.com: "Savasana is a practice of gradually relaxing one body part at a time, one muscle at a time, and one thought at a time. When you do this practice day after day, it conditions the body to release stress. It can also improve your sense of physical and emotional well-being."

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