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10+2 ways to adopt a generous spirit

How do I show up today

    1. Take some herbal tea bags for my work colleague Josh to try because he's struggling to sleeo

    2. Get back and help make teas tonoght instead of leaving it to others

    3. Donate to Kevin Sinfields Ulta marathon challenge

    4. Ring my Dad at 10 see ho he's doing as I missed calling round last night

    5. Go immediately to my team this morning and proactively ask if there are tasksthey are stuck on

    6. Touch base with my boss again to ask if there are task he needs help on

    7. Ring my friend Jane who's been going through a hard time

    8. My wife's out on a trip with the school she works at,so prepare a hot chocolate for when she gets back

    9. Take time to listen actively to others and keep my mouth shut

    10. Get some snacks and put them out for others in the office to have

    11. Get my daughter some of her favourite sweets,/candy cherry lips (have a texture of toe nails)

    12. Send by son a get well test and he's in best with a cold

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