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11 dumb things about me

    1. The other day, I ate chicken that I thought was cooked, but I'm not sure it was

    Halfway through I thought "Wait, is this raw chicken?" and I kept eating it. I still don't know. How do I not know whether the chicken I'm eating is raw or cooked???

    2. I forgot a whole language

    I spoke Flemish (which is basically Dutch, we don't have to get into it) because I was in a Flemish school until I was about 10. Then I quickly started forgetting everything.

    Last year I met a Persian woman who works with kids, and she told me that while kids learn easily, they also forget easily until about that age. I don't know how true this is, but it could explain it.

    3. I quit school at 13

    This isn't really a "dumb thing", rather it's something that could make people think I'm dumb. Although I have almost never experienced this. Most people seem to find this interesting, and I can only think of one person who assumed I wouldn't understand what he was saying because of it. Sometimes people still get a bit condescending by saying things like "Oh that's okay, you can still be successful", in a way that sounds as if I expressed concern or regret over it.

    Then again, I still don't know whether or not I ate raw chicken. Do they teach this at school?

    4. My poor orgnizational skills

    5. I refuse to wear suits

    6. I sometimes speak Spanish with a ridiculously stereotypical Mexican accent (or so I say) and enjoy my girlfriend's annoyed reaction

    7. I often procrastinate by researching instead of doing

    8. I have very long hair but I often forget to brush it and then I regret it

    9. I rarely pay attention to what I put in my carry-on bag and often end up having to throw away things at security

    Sunscreen. Dry shampoo.

    10. These past few months, I paid for quite a few things I still haven't used

    11. I went to the wrong airport for my Brussels - Milan flight and had to book another flight

    Thankfully, the initial flight only cost ten euros.

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