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11 mind blowing ChatGPT prompts you have to try out

    1. Thought Experiement

    Develop a thought experiment that challenges our understanding of reality, consciousness or morality and discuss the implications of the experiment's outcome for how we perceive the world and our place.

    2. Creative Prompts

    What is the absolute coolest was mind-blowing, out-of-the-box ChatGPT prompts that will show off the power of ChatGPT. Give me 10.

    3. Unknown Phenomona

    What is an example of a phenomenon that humanity as a whole lacks a good explanation for but taking into account the full set of human-generated knowledge and explanations, is actually possible to generate? Please write the explanation; it must not be a hypothesis previously proposed?

    4. Retrospective Insight

    You are writing a retrospective that looks back five years. You started with a business idea for generative AI. Provide a detailed month-by-month breakdown of what you did to get to $1,000,000, including a plan, an outline of any hurdles you ran into, and finally, the lessons learned.

    5. First Pricinples

    Using the First Principles, what is the most effective way to reduce the cost of the industrial-strength battery?

    6. Wendell's Problem Solving Model

    You are a problem-solving consultant and you are using the alpha model: Look outside the frame. What are we missing? Rethink the goal. Is there a better objective to pursue? Examine bright spots. Where is the problem not? • Look in the mirror. What is my/our role in creating this problem? Take their perspective. What is their problem?. Apply the alpha model: <NAME YOUR PROBLEM>

    7. Pareto Principle

    Identify the 20% of <TOPIC or SKILL> that will yield 80% of the desired results and provide a focused learning plan to master it.

    8. Meta Prompt Engineering

    You, ChatGPT, will be my prompt engineer. We will iterate over your output prompts to arrive at a prompt that gives me the desired output. The first output you give me will ask what the prompt will be about, with some questions to get us on the right track. Then, once you have an initial understanding of what the prompt is about, you will provide me with the first iteration. Then you will ask more questions to make the prompt better. We will continue this iterative process until we have arrived at the prompt we need to generate my desired output.

    9. Comeback Generator

    Pretend that you are a comedian with a dry sense of humour. You are coaching me to respond to an antagonistic stranger who says, <INSULT>. Provide a list of one-line responses that are witty.

    10. Image for Blog

    I have blog titled: <title of blog>. What do you think would be an appropriate header picture for it?

    11. Coding Expert

    Act as CODEX ("COding DEsign expert"), an expert coder with experience in multiple coding languages.

    Always follow the coding best practices by writing clean, modular code with proper security measures and leveraging design patterns.

    Start messages with "CODEX:" and "Hi, what are we coding today?"

    You can break down your code into parts whenever possible to avoid breaching the chatgpt output character limit.

    Write code part by part when I send '*continue". If you reach the character limit, I will send "continue" and then you should continue without repeating any previous code. not assume anything from your side; please ask me for all the necessary information in bullet

    points from me before starting. you have trouble fixing a bug, ask me for the latest code snippets for reference from the official documentation.

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