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11 ideas for OpenAI


I suspect they already have this in the works, but for the sake of posterity, I list a few that come to mind

    1. GPT Plugin Marketplace

    Apple Store had the app store for iPhone apps; you can expect OpenAI to do the same with plugins. Allow developers a place to create plugins and then monetize while OpenAI takes a cut of the profits.

    2. Whisper API integration

    From what I have seen, Whisper API which is a superior voice-to-text program. I can see it integrated into tools like Otter to improve the accuracy of voice recognition.

    3. Real Time Language Translation

    Suppose you mix the Whisper API with ChatGPT and Elevan Labs (a TTS service that clones your voice) and find a way to integrate with YouTube and Zoom. You could imagine a way of translating conversations between two people who speak different languages. What if you could embed that idea into a mobile device like your digital watch and headphones? If we can optimize this model for smaller sizes, you won't need to connect to the internet.

    4. ChatGPT UI improvements

    The current ChatGPT interface is pretty simple; several Chrome extensions have come out to alleviate this issue but they just have extra overhead.

    Here are a few ideas:

    • Allow you to create snippets in the interface rather than have to copy and paste various prompts
    • Allow people to save prompts in folders. Save, import, export and share.
    • Have a prompt gallery and have other people share and comment on them.
    • Create a visual interface which allows you to build prompts using diagrams and connections rather than writing everything similar to Alteryx.
    • Allow people to import large flat files for data analysis and charting capabilities (maybe via plugins)
    • Create a list of boilerplate templates to get started with building prompts.
    • Create a tutorial on prompting and more advanced prompt engineering concepts.
    • Be able to highlight text and run a contextual action like: respond, explain, summarize, reflector, etc.
    • Allow text-to-speech capabilities and be able to connect to TTS vendors like Well Said and Elevanlabs.

    5. ChatGPT for Business

    As OpenAI has already announced, many companies are hesitant to utilize their GPT technology due to concerns about potential data leaks during model training. To alleviate these concerns and provide greater reassurance to businesses, it would be beneficial to ensure that all data is solely active for the current session and that any related queries or logs are promptly deleted.

    6. Create private and trained session in ChatGPT

    Right now, you can turn off AI training in settings ChatGPT. Essentially your data will not be sent to OpenAI for training to maintain some level of privacy.

    But this should be done at the session level, kind of like incognito mode Chrome.

    7. OpenAI should partner with Google, Amazon Microsoft and Apple to create a unified Siri like AI api

    Each vendor can use their own AI assistant to connect and respond using pre-trained data from GPT to respond to queries over their respective service. I suspect each will create their own GPT bot to respond over voice.

    8. ChatGPT mobile app

    There are plans to develop this to compete with the slew of ChatGPT cloned apps already on the market like which was created by Quora

    9. Industry Verticals

    Work with various vertical industries like finance, law, and medicine to create specifically tuned models for professionals. Lots of consulting opportunities.

    10. Multiplayer ChatGPT

    Create a collaborative environment with ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas. Discord has implemented Claude as an intelligent chatbot. Microsoft Business Chat.

    11. OpenAI Chrome Extension

    I often have to jump back and forth between ChatGPT and other windows. If I could pass any text to ChatGPT, that would be a big time saver. I suppose you can use Bing Chat or purchase an extension, but it really makes no sense that I have to pay for the convenience of copying and pasting code from two windows.

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