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11 Reasons that wealth is virtuous

Money used the right way can make huge positive impact in people's lives and on the world at large.

    1. You can take care of yourself and your family

    Money can be used to take care of the ones that you love.

    Food, clothing, shelter.

    2. Education

    Money can used to provide yourself and others education which can help you earn more money and take care of more people.

    In theory you could also educate yourself from the free resources at a library, but is that really realistic? Probably not.

    3. Taxes

    If you are earning money or if you spending money then you are paying taxes. These taxes benefit society in the form of infrastructure, military, healthcare, jobs etc.

    4. Charity

    Money can used to fund organizations like churches, synagogues, nonprofits, social orgs. These orgs provide benefits to people less fortunate than yourself.

    5. Starting a business

    Money definitely helps people start businesses that provide products and services to the community. It would take a good amount of money to open a new grocery store.

    6. Retirement

    Hopefully I will be truly retired one day. But in order to do that I need money to pay for my rent, taxes, food and healthcare. Money can provide these services.

    7. Joy

    Money can and should be fun. Giving someone a gift is some people's love language. They love to give and receive. Money can help create vacation and family memories.

    8. Housing

    Housing is a massive part of the world economy. Everyone needs a place to call home.

    9. Jobs

    Businesses provide services, but they also create jobs. People need jobs to fund their lives.

    10. Innovation

    Money is used to do research and development on new drugs. AI, genomics etc.

    11. Economic growth

    Economic growth benefits all of society.

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