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11 things to do during Christmas Break

I am dog watching my sister's dogs over Christmas Break. I think of my time at my sister's as a retreat. It's 36 acres in the country and she has a martha stewart like home. It's gorgeous and I feel like a total adult while staying there. I have two big doggos to take care of. A bernedoodle and a Golden Bernedoodle.

11 things to do during Christmas Break

    1. Plan an AMAZING New Year's Eve

    You know those tik toks where someone will hold up two choices in a way the other person can't see and the other person has to pick. I am thinking that kind of vibe. I will hold up to choices for my boyfriend of things I know he would enjoy and we will do that.

    What game we will play, what movie we will watch, what we will eat for dinner, dessert, which fireplace we will use. I think it would be totally fun. It's been a while since I've had a boyfriend on New Year's so I want to make it special :)

    2. Write 100 pages

    I have 14 days! I am so excited. That means I only have to write 10 pages a day and I can have 4 days off. Wouldn't that be fun? I don't know what I will write about but I just want to have fun so it might just be writing nonsense.

    3. Read 1 Book

    I currently have like 5 books I want to read and I have read at least the first chapter of.

    1. The next 50 best inventions

    2. American Empress - Marjorie Merriweather Post

    3. The Rothschild's - A book from the 70s all about the family up to that point.

    4.Winston's Daughters- All about Winston Churchills daughters.

    5. No idea but I am sure I have one.

    4. Make More Calm Adapt

    I found an Apothecary in Oxford 3 summers ago when I was dog watching. 2 Winters ago I learned how to make my own tinctures. Calm adapt helps me get through the day. The older I get the harder it is to handle anything above 10, 4 year olds. I usually put 10 droppers in a small thing of V8 juice and drink it all day. I wonder if I can figure out a way to create my own v8 like juice and incorporate the calm adapt and sell it as a product that will help people calm down.... sometimes I will add beet juice flavored Apple Cider Vinegar

    5. Apply for New Jobs

    I took this job on as a challenge. I had no idea what kind of challenge it was going to be. I thought it was going to be just the kids. I thought the kids would challenge me. The kids do challenge me. But my boss is challenging. The parents are challenging. Public School systems are challenging. I had no idea.

    6. Make 10 idea lists

    Because I am at my best when I make an idea list. I feel productive even if I am not producing something.

    7. Look back at what I started in August

    I started some really cool things in August. I went to Scandinavia and then this school year started. I had one cold followed by 2 months of reprieve followed by this disastrous cold season. I am pretty sure I had RSV followed by laryngitis followed by pink eye. I had 10 sick days. I now have 3. :( These two weeks will be marvelous.

    8. Plan the rest of the year- Just in case

    My classroom is going to be smaller. maybe. I am getting the amount of students I thought would be a good idea to start with. 12. I can actually teach them things. If I don't find a new job. I would love to have the next 6 months planned out and in a calendar. It would be relatively easy

    9. Catch up on Yellowstone

    I think my sister has the platform to watch the old episodes as well as the most recent. shoot maybe I'll even watch the spin off and then the other spin off.

    10. 100 Random Wikipedia Searches

    I love doing them. I seriously LOVE doing them. It's like reading a really good book for me. I have no idea what is going to happen. When you read a non fiction book you have an idea of what you might read. You still get some interesting tidbits but it's nothing so shocking you need to tell everyone. The good stuff everyone already knows. When I do my 100 random searches I find some SHOCKING stuff.

    11. Lunch with my Boyfriend in the middle of the week

    I can drive out and meet him somewhere near where he works and we can eat lunch together.

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