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11 Ways to Improve Taco Bell

I am a big fan of Taco Bell. Both the food and the management team. As a corporation they seem more responsive to customer feedback and to try different ideas. So maybe this will help them out.

11 Ways to Improve Taco Bell

    1. More Vegetarian Options

    While Taco Bell has made strides in offering vegetarian options, they could go further. How about a vegetarian Crunchwrap Supreme or a Beyond Meat option for the classic Crunchy Taco? Embrace the plant-based movement and cater to all taste buds.

    2. Customization Galore

    Imagine a touch-screen kiosk where customers can build their own Bell Grande, choosing from a variety of toppings, salsas, and sauces. Or even revitalize in-store dining with a buffet style toppings bar.

    3. Breakfast All Day

    Taco Bell's breakfast menu is a hidden gem, but why limit it to just the morning hours? Give us the option to enjoy a Breakfast Crunchwrap or a Bacon and Egg Quesadilla any time of the day. Breakfast for dinner? Yes, please!

    P.S. Breakfast All Day did not work well for most McDonald's locations, but I think that at the very least this idea would further educate TB fans that there even IS a breakfast menu.

    4. Healthier Alternatives

    While indulging in Taco Bell's deliciousness is a guilty pleasure, it would be great to have healthier alternatives. How about adding a selection of grilled chicken options or offering whole-wheat tortillas?

    5. Regional Specials

    Taco Bell has a loyal fan base across the globe, so why not introduce regional specials? Imagine a Tex-Mex inspired taco with smoked brisket in Texas or a Baja-style seafood burrito in California. Embrace the flavors of different regions and surprise us with limited-time offerings.

    This would also be a draw for those of us who travel frequently. While one of the nice things about franchises when traveling is that they take some of the guesswork out of finding a meal; it would also be great to discover new ideas at an old favorite. Like the first time this American experienced ordering a Big Mac, fries, and a beer.

    6. Late-Night Delivery

    Taco Bell is the go-to spot for late-night cravings, but what if we could have it delivered to our doorstep? Partner with a delivery service and offer a late-night delivery option, so we can enjoy our Cheesy Gordita Crunch at any time, even when we're too lazy to leave the house.

    7. Enhanced Sides

    While the main menu items steal the show, let's not forget about the sides. How about introducing loaded nachos with all the fixings or spicy Mexican street corn as a side option? Elevate the sides to complement the main course and give us more variety.

    8. Premium Ingredients

    Taco Bell is known for its affordability, but what if we had the option to upgrade to premium ingredients? Offer grass-fed beef, organic produce, and artisanal cheeses as premium options for those seeking a more elevated experience.

    9. Seasonal Flavors

    Keep us coming back for more by introducing seasonal flavors. How about a pumpkin spice churro for fall or a cranberry salsa for the holiday season? Embrace the changing seasons and surprise us with limited-time offerings that ignite our taste buds.

    10. Enhanced Dessert Menu

    Finish off our Taco Bell experience with a bang by revamping the dessert menu. Introduce churro sundaes with caramel drizzle or deep-fried ice cream tacos. Let's satisfy our sweet tooth and end our meal on a high note.

    11. More Portability

    Americans can be infamous for our love of the drive-thru when discussing fast food. Unfortunately, too many of Taco Bell's menu items are not exactly designed for eating on the go. Maybe something like quesadilla bites that is self-contained. (Similar to a dumpling or ravioli). Or a deep-fried burrito that is similar to an egg roll.

    12. Next Level

    Taco Bell, you've already captured our hearts with your affordable and delicious menu. But with these 11 suggestions, you can take our love to another level. Live Más!

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