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11 Ways to Promote

I was sitting in a coffee shop thinking.. I love Notepd and don't want it to go away. I feel like it has stayed at the level it's at for a few months. I loved having the old James Altucher Show FB group but that went away. I don't want this site to go away.

I have had over 30 jobs in my life. I know a little bit about a lot of things. You could call me a Renaissance Woman. My most experience is in teaching and promotion. I thought about waiting until the paid lists thing happened but I am not sure when it will.

I also try and promote whenever I can. I have used some of these.

    1. Make Posts Specifically for Other People

    I did this for an Instagram account I follow. She replied telling me she liked the ideas. She came to my post and read them and replied on Instagram. She started using some of them. I love when she uses them. It makes me happy. I want to make a list of 10 people I can help with my lists.

    2. Asking People for Help on a Post and linking them to Notepd

    I am putting together a post about my top 10 favorite food brands and their origin story. One of my favorite brands is Plant Snacks. I started eating cassava chips when I was on Keto and now I won't eat anything else. I can't find out anything about their history. I used their Contact Us button and told them what I was doing. Hopefully I will hear back :)

    3. Post your List on Social Media

    I open up a lot on here. I don't think my circle of friends is as understanding as this group. I wish I could make some of my posts more private or to select groups of people. This site is almost like a diary but trust me there is a quite a bit I am leaving out. I want to share my lists but I want to hide others from certain people.

    4. Teach Your Heart Out Teacher Involvement

    Teachers Pay Teachers is huge. Every teacher I know uses it. There is a Professional Development Video and Conference Series called Teach Your Heart Out. If you got one of these social influencer teachers to make a TPT Lesson Plan including NotePd. It could be big in the Education Sector. More on that on #5.

    5. Exit Ticket Ten List

    Exit Tickets are a way to make sure students understand what they are learning. If they could make a list of the 10 things they learned during a lesson before they left the classroom I think it would help them retain information more. They could also make a 10 list of project ideas they would like to do to show they know the knowledge. Instead of a teacher saying make a diorama.. maybe every single kid has make a tik tok on their list.

    6. Challenge Friends

    If you're in a discussion with a friend you can challenge them. You can say something like "I bet you can't come up with 10...."

    7. Be a Guest Lecturer in a College Classroom

    I don't know who other than @JamesAltucher that might be a guest lecturer. Here's an idea for you James. Tell the students that you will do a 30 minute zoom call with them if they create an account and come up with 10 ideas for something. Whatever you want them to come up with. I am not sure if you have that kind of time but I think it would be fun.

    8. Instead of a Resume...

    Send them a link to your Notepd. 10 Reasons to Hire me. They can see the past lists you've come up with. This is another good place to narrow down who can see your lists. Maybe create a category "Employer" and that is all the employer can see.

    9. Job Offer Rebuttal

    If you get a job ask them to create a list "10 Reasons Why I Would Want to Work here". If they can't come up with a list of 10 reasons in under an hour.. do you really want to work there?

    10. Selling a Customizable Product?

    Ask your client to come up with a list of 10 things they want included in their product. I was watching a fb video where Shaq gets a customized Jeep Wrangler. I am sure he had at least 10 things he wanted included on that thing.

    11. DDA's Top 10 Reasons to Visit

    Create a press release and send it to all Downtown Development Authorities in one state. Explain to them how they can use this to create interesting social media posts of their own. Give a cash prize to the town that gets the most hits.

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