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12 Ideas for 10 Idea Lists

    1. 10 People to Write 10 Ideas For

    This can include people you know, potential mentors, influencers, celebrities, potential employers, clients, etc.

    2. 10 Things You Want Most Out of Life

    Make plans for the 3 most appealing ones.

    3. 10 People to Study

    Historical figures, business leaders, philosophers, basically anyone you have access to or is documented (biographies, documentaries, news articles), etc.

    4. 10 Exercises You Can Do in a Small Apartment

    Calisthenics, any exercise that can be done with or without equipment that won't disturb the neighbors.

    5. 10 Places to Travel or Move To

    Preferably places with a low cost of living and relative sanity.

    6. 10 Skills You Can Learn Quickly That Can Improve Your Life

    By quickly, I mean in under 2 or so months. It can be any skill that improves your health, wellbeing, income potential, or whatever matters most to you.

    7. 10 Ideas for Doing Risky Things in a Low Risk Way

    Starting a business, investing, skydiving, starting a political movement, etc.

    8. 10 Things You Can Acquire to Be More Productive

    Tools, gadgets, or worldviews that make work easier.

    9. 10 Things You Can Get Rid of to Be More Productive

    What you don't have is just as important as what you have when it comes to getting things done.

    10. 10 Traits of a Desirable Mate

    And what you'd need to become to attract people with those traits.

    11. 10 Traits to Avoid When Choosing a Mate

    What red flag do you need to look out for? At what point should you disassociate from that person?

    12. 10 Ways to Get Ideas for Your Next Idea List

    Ways to come up with ideas for your next idea list when you're feeling stuck.

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