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James Altucher


12 new things you'd like to experience in the next 12 months

    1. Write three books

    All of these have been described here before but:

    "The Book" - a collection of wisdom that runs through all religions and philosophies.

    "My 60 Memorable Losses" - analysis of recent losses in chess

    "My Comeback" , title to be determined. Proving that someone my age can make a comeback at a game or sport of any activity that person loves .

    2. Get 1,000,000 users for NotePD

    NotePD solves a big problem. In a time when ideas are currency, people have atrophied their idea muscle. NotePD rebuilds it. Additionally, NotePD course/special reports can sold here so people can make a living.

    Plus, we are adding even more functionality.

    3. Spend more time communicating with my kids.

    4. Have an exit from some of my private equity investments.

    The problem with angel investing is that, the better the company, the often it takes longer to sell or IPO. The reason is that if you are doubling revenues every year, why bother going public and dealing with all that hassle.

    There's some good investments I've been in for over 12 years. Enough already!

    5. Ethereum and its friends

    Since March I've been predicting that with "the Merge" ETH will substantially rise. Maybe not instantly but will far outpace Bitcoin. Since then, Bitcoin is basically flat and ETH is up 50% (or, since the lows for both). The supply and demand equation for ETH drastically changes once the Merge happens but, still, I'd like my prediction to be dead on.

    6. FLY

    I took one pilot's lesson and I really enjoyed it. I'd like to fly enough to get a pilot's license. The only thing is, I don't have a driver's license and apparently you need that to get a pilot's license.

    7. RIde horses

    Robyn loves horses. I'd like to get better at riding one so I can join her.

    8. Start winning chess tournaments.

    I always do well. But I want to start DOMINATING

    9. Start/write a novel

    I've been saying this for 30 years but I think I'm ready. I've actually written one novel but it was for fun and under a pseudonym

    10. Find other games to play competitively.

    I recently came in third in a poker tournament. I could see doing that more. And playing in backgammon or Go tournaments.

    11. Do more charity but...

    see #4

    12. Care less about social media.

    To me, NotePD is the ideal social media. This is the only one I truly enjoy spending time on.

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