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Collin Harness


12 Reasons wealth is evil

What are all the reasons that people think having wealth is evil.

    1. Hoarding resources and not sharing the wealth

    A tiny fraction of people control the vast majority of money and resources which leads to the masses suffering.

    2. Exploiting lower paid workers

    The people making all the money are exploiting people that work just as hard as them. They are paying them low wages and keeping the profit for themselves.

    3. They inherited the money

    They didn't work for it like the rest of us.

    And the endless battle over the estate tax.

    4. Insiders

    Must have an edge over the little guy.

    cough... Clintons... cough

    5. Nepotism

    Cough... Trump... cough

    6. Carbon footprint

    Climate change is bad. The wealthy footprint is so much larger than the average joe.

    7. Virtue signaling

    Using your money to look holier than thou.

    8. Buying dumb shit

    One of Elons companies created a flame thrower.bad

    9. Bad values

    Things over people.

    10. Better healthcare

    Wealthy people can afford the best doctors and surgeries, treatments and medication.

    11. Better education

    The wealthy can afford to send their children to Harvard and Yale. And then those students do not come out with any student debt.

    12. Race

    White and Asian over black and brown.

    Redlining. Education. Banking. The list of ways that black and brown people have to struggle that white people do not is long.

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