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12 ways to be unhappy in life

By doing these things you will be sure to have a bitter, miserable life!

I have personally tried all of these techniques at one time or another and they really work. Mix and match or combine them at the same time for additional misery.

12 ways to be unhappy in life

    1. Hold grudges

    Never forget someone that wronged you! Never forgive either.

    2. Get upset about the news

    Spend a lot of time thinking about things that you can do nothing about. Follow up on Twitter!

    3. Make lots of plans for the future but don’t take any action to execute the plans

    Nothing like empty dreams that will always remain hopelessly out of reach! Keep them alive with elaborate plans. Share your plans with others and earn a reputation as a crockpot.

    4. Compare yourself to others

    Especially on social media! If your average day is not as good as someone else's best day, get upset!

    5. Get really upset when things go wrong

    Act out! Yell at people . Don't miss the opportunity to make a bad thing worse.

    6. Complain a lot.

    Complaints are like wishes: they keep coming true!

    7. Assume that everyone is out to get you

    Other people spend their days looking for ways to get over on you!

    8. Dwell on the past: relive your worst experiences and regrets over and over.


    9. Live beyond your means and go into debt!

    This is awesome because in addition to the dissatisfaction from trying to live a lifestyle that you can't afford you can be very fearful about the future and worry all the time.

    10. Give in to vices and damage your health

    Whether your favorite vices are food, sex, drugs, over exercising, or any combination of these you can really damage your body or even get diseases. You can also get to a point where you just don't care anymore: that's when 25 lbs. overweight can turn into 100 lbs in a year or being hungover on Sunday can turn into being hungover every day or missing work altogether.

    11. Be easily offended and self righteous!

    12. Be jealous of others

    Covet their big house, artistic or athletic skill, good job, fancy car, or happy family. Don't acknowledge the work that it takes to do any of those things. They are just so lucky!

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