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12 Ways to Decorate a Holiday Tree (I might have some day)

I have no idea why I am thinking about this now but I am. If I were ever to buy a "Christmas tree" it would stay up all year long. I don't get the point of decorating for holidays. It's like gardening. Why spend the time trying to make something pretty when it's either going to die or you have to take it down shortly after.. I think I am just impatient. So.. if I had a tree.. it would be a Holiday Tree and it would stay of all the time. Fake of course.

    1. January- New Years Tree

    I would start a tradition that every night on New Years Eve I would write out things I want to do during the year. I love the number 100 so maybe 100. Maybe I'll work on it the week before New Years. They will be in the shape of stars. Once I accomplish them I will flip them over to reveal the back side which is either silver or gold.. can't decide. Stars are 4 inches big

    2. February- Valentine's Tree

    Paper Heart Garland. 2 inches big. Only Stay up for the month.

    3. March- St.Patrick's Day

    I'd find a way to hang $10 Gold Bullion Coins from the tree. My Birthday is St.Patrick's Day so I am going to spend all the money on this month. I am going to get 50 of the $10 version which is one quarter ounce and almost an inch big. It's like the pot of gold on the Christmas Tree. I will buy myself something fun at the end of the month.

    4. April-Earth Day

    I would say Easter but sometimes it's a March thing. I will collect ornaments from every new place I travel to and hang them on my tree. I know Earth Day is about taking care of the Earth but I want it to be about me traveling the Earth. I think if I travel the Earth I will learn how to be more Earth friendly with every new place I travel to.

    5. May- Beltane

    I am not Pagan and I appreciate the people who died for us in war. I just want it to be a happy tree. I would just stick a bunch of plastic or paper spring flowers on the tree. Oh and some Butterflies.

    6. June- Sunshine tree

    Longest day of the year is in June. I will decorate it with Orange, Red and Yellow Ribbon.

    7. July- USA Tree

    I will make Ornaments of the 50 states and on the backs of them write a totally weird random fact about the state. It will entertain anyone who visits.

    8. August- Book Lovers Day

    I found a holiday. I will decorate it with minature ornaments of my favorite books.

    9. September- Fall Appreciation

    Fall is my favorite season. Leaf garland and then I will stick an apple scented something inside the tree.

    10. October- Halloween!!

    Love Halloween! ooh maybe Halloween Themed Tarot Cards. Yessss!

    11. November- Thanksgiving

    Pictures of things I am thankful for. Made into ornaments.

    12. December- Winter

    More traditional Christmas Tree like ornaments but more geared towards Winter as oppose to Jesus. Sparkly ornaments.

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