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Collin Harness


13 Simple holiday gift ideas


    1. Handwritten cards

    If you mail someone a handwritten card they will definitely take notice and probably reach back out to you thanking you.

    2. Take someone to dinner/drinks

    Treat them

    3. Gift cards

    I love when I get a gift card to Starbucks. Give someone a card to somewhere they love.

    4. Fresh flowers

    It just adds to a persons life.

    5. Photos

    Of you with the person

    6. Some type of drink

    Coffee, wine, tea, vodka. Whatever you think they will like. Give them a supply of it.

    7. Home cooked meal

    Make a casserole or pasta or something and give it to someone.

    8. An actual hike

    Have them go on a hike with you. You both get exercise and spend time outside and get to know each other better.

    9. A small piece of clothing

    Like a scarf or gloves or unique socks

    10. Candles

    I love candles and my house smelling good.

    11. Ask them if they need anything

    12. An introduction

    People usually enjoy meeting other people. Introduce your friends together.

    13. Tickets to a show

    You will need to know the person a little bit to know what they are interested in.

    Each year for my mother's birthday I give her tickets to a Broadway show that is coming to Dallas. We have seen a ton of shows. My dad likes to go to car shows and gun shows. Find what they are interested in and give them tickets to it.

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