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14 Yolo Stock Picks

Small businesses with big potential. But also big risk.

Small are hit harder by an economic recession. Some of these businesses will not make it or be acquired. But some of them are small diamonds that will grow big.

    1. SKLZ - Skillz

    This is a really interesting business. The develop games and run tournaments for cash prizes. Their revenue is increasing every year, but they are losing money.

    If they continue to grow their games and tournaments, it could be a lucrative business. Maybe they can also branch out into different areas of gaming or the metaverse.

    2. HNST - The Honest Co.

    This business could be the next Procter & Gamble. Hopefully they innovate into enough product lines to make it worth while. They provide clean products with less chemicals than the traditional cleaning products. The continue to increase their sku's. More products, more stores, more customers. Go global.

    3. WISH

    Gamified eCommerce.

    There is a lot of competition in this space. If they can create a loyal following then this might be worth it.

    4. SDC - SmileDirectClub

    Everyone has teeth and needs dental care.

    This business continues to struggle and lose money, but if they can turn it around it could be a big business.

    5. TTCF - The Tattoo Chef

    Plant based products. More products, more stores etc.

    6. APPH - App Harvest

    Indoor farming.

    7. LTCH - Latch

    Connected lock systems.

    With shootings happening more often Latch will becoming increasingly important. All doors and locks must work for schools and apartment buildings.

    8. MAPS - WM Technology

    Store technology for marijuana.

    As more and more states legalize marijuana their product will become more popular. They can keep adding on features.

    9. OPEN - OpenDoor


    Zillow stopped, because it is a difficult business.

    Using data to buy, renovate and sell homes. There are a lot of homes in this country so it could be a big business, but we will have to wait and see.

    10. COIN - Coinbase

    They have been hit hard by the recession. There are a lot of people that are dumping on Cryptocurrency. But Coinbase is the leader and if they continue to innovate this could be a really big business.

    11. MILE - Metromile

    Insurance business that uses more AI. Insurance is traditionally labor intensive. If you can remove more of the workforce then this could be an interesting business. Would not be surprised if they get acquired.

    12. CLOV - Clover Health

    The health insurance provider. Everyone needs healthcare. They have had some drama with going public and not being completely honest. But if they can survive the court system it might be a great business.

    13. LMND - Lemonade

    Another insurance company trying to disrupt the industry.

    14. GDRX - GoodRx

    This business seems really interesting. Helping customers find lower cost drugs. Makes money from pharmacy benefit managers when consumers present coupons at the pharmacy.

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