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15 Ideas to turn Your Book into a Course

    1. Lessons from every chapter

    Convert book into an email course with lessons from each chapter leaked out in a daily email over a given amount of time.

    2. Book "Applied"

    Create a “Book Applied” course where you offer an accountability and help in applying the concepts from the book into everyday life and applications. Maybe offer a Facebook group or weekly call or daily email reminder for certain actions to take place to obtain the end result.

    3. Video Course from Book

    Create a video course based on the book. You could even have other guests help create the course along with you. Or provide testimonials on various key points from the bookC

    4. Book to Course

    Create a course that takes your book and then expands upon it with additional commentary or insight or maybe even others views on the material and how they applied it etc.

    5. Mini-Courses

    Create mini courses for each chapter of your book and then drip them out to your sign ups each week.

    6. Workbook

    Create a workbook or guidebook based on your book where people can use it to keep them on track and use it as an accountability tool to get the most out of your book.

    7. Book Course Summit

    Partner with other authors and creators and create a book course summit where you can tap into their audience and get your message and ideas to more people.

    8. Audio Course

    Create an audiobook or audio course where people can listen to various key concepts in your book and you can challenge them to follow your tips.

    9. Experiment with different camera angles for your video course

    Create an off camera video course and an on camera video course and offer these separate or in a bundle together.

    10. Bundles from your book

    Bundle your course, book, and a weekly coaching call together to be a flagship program for you.

    11. Private Live Stream Course

    Offer a live stream course or workshop where you perform the course over Facebook Live and then ask for donations or tips from your audience based on what they saw.

    12. Patreon

    Or offer this type of course and then use Patreon for people to support and back your work.

    13. Escalating Price Model

    Offer an escalating course where the first person who buys can pay $1 and then it increases a dollar every time someone buys.

    14. Live Course that is free with option to support you

    Offer your course as a livestream and then at the end ask for contributions if they want more or want to give back through a Patreon page.

    15. Etsy Printables

    Turn each chapter of your book into a cheat sheet (that is printable) and sell it and others on Etsy.

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