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15 things I learned from "I, Human: AI, Automation, and the Quest to Reclaim What Makes Us Unique" by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Written from the perspective of a psychologist

15 things I learned from "I, Human: AI, Automation, and the Quest to Reclaim What Makes Us Unique"
by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

    1. Novel media innovations are frequently blamed for societal problems: like the invention of television

    2. AI is homogenizing the world every time we choose the default recommendation

    It is so easy... We are training the AI and also making our own responses blander every time we click "Thank you!" to answer an email or text instead of typing a real response.

    3. At this point in the development of AI (2023) humans are training the machines

    By picking the Netflix recommendation or following or liking a post we are confirming the suggestions of the AI. AI is trained on human writing. In a short time. This may become unnecessary as AI can train itself.

    4. Social Media likes and other pings are a constant distraction for many people: many answer around the clock

    I find these very addicting even with my very small social media footprint.

    5. The ability to focus and ignore distractions is important to practice and will be a differentiating skill in the coming years

    If you can't focus for a few hours at a time you will struggle in your life.

    6. Junk data is like junk food for you mind

    Addictive and damaging. Destroys you ability to focus

    7. The instant response is destroying our ability to be patient

    This causes lots of edginess in human interactions.

    8. TikTok is possibly the first company where AI is the product

    A journalist created 100 test accounts and a number of them got stuck In rabbit holes of depression videos.

    9. One way that biases can enter “big data” during training

    If you try to train the AI to select good employees from candidates and resumes it will be trained to be highly biased toward people that have already succeeded: not those that could do well. It reinforces the status quo.

    10. Narcissistic behavior is reinforced by social media

    Like posting on NotePD to blast one's opinions to the internet and check for likes lol.

    11. Google, Netflix and YouTube are subtly trying to standardize our responses so that they can improve their algorithms. They are training us to train them.

    When we respond predictably by using provided text and choose default values it make a the algorithmic system better.

    12. Nils Bohr kept a horse shoe in his office for luck…

    "It works whether you believe in it or not!" According to nerd wars on stack exchange, this might be a myth and just has Bohr's name attached to it.

    13. The author suggests that you should do unpredictable things in order to break free from AI

    This is an interesting idea, but when the AI shows me things that I am interested in why would I not consume them?

    14. Cultivate curiosity: AI can generate and contribute to curiosity.

    Higher levels of curiosity are important in developing talents and creating an adaptable skill set. AI can help you explore ideas.

    15. Like Socrates, asking the right questions is a way to get to the truth and learn from AI

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