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15 ways to increase reading comprehension with ChatGPT

One thing I appreciate about ChatGPT is how it has helped me understand complex material. There are numerous approaches to comprehending information that are not dynamically baked into the content. Here are a few techniques I employ.


    1. Ask for examples

    What are examples of mapping functions in the REACT framework?

    2. Ask for analogies

    Using an analogy, tell me about Generative AI

    3. Explain it like I am five

    Explain to me like I am five the concept of Markov chains?

    4. Application and use cases

    What are practical use cases for a Markov chain?

    5. Compare and contrast

    Is the Markov chain the same thing as Bayesian modelling?

    6. Ask it to explain it in terms of something else you understand

    The other day, I had trouble understanding the subset clause used to filter elements in Python. I am an expert in SQL, and I know SQL also does filtering. Maybe I could relate something I knew (SQL) with something I was learning (Python)

    Can take this statement in Python and write it into an SQL statement:
    tracks_sold = tracks_invoices.groupby(['tid','name']).agg({'quantity':sum})
    SELECT tid, name, SUM(quantity) AS quantity_sum
    FROM tracks_invoices
    GROUP BY tid, name

    7. Explain first principles

    Elon Musk also contemplated reducing the expenses involved in developing a more economical battery for a spaceship.

    Using the First Principles, what is the most effective way to reduce the cost of the industrial-strength battery?

    8. Learning plan using the Pareto Principle

    Please give me a learning plan to understand large learning models. My time is limited, so using the Pareto principle, provides me with the 20% things I need to learn to become 80% effective.

    9. Step by Step

    Explain to me how this code works step by step

    10. Ask what if questions or absurd questions (reductio ad absurdum)

    What would happen if I changed the gravitational constant of the universe?

    11. Personas and Perspective

    Explain this to me as a programmer
    Explain this to me as a psychologist
    Explain this to me as an economist
    Explain this to me as a philosopher

    12. What was the problem this concept was attempting to solve?

    13. Why was this designed in this way?

    14. What are some counter-arguments that refute X?

    15. Deep Analysis

    What are the alternatives to X, and why is X better?
    What are the costs for X?
    What are the opportunity costs for x?
    Dependency: What are some underlying assumptions for X to be effective?
    Trade-offs: Are there any trade-offs regarding X?
    Causation: What conditions caused X to arise?
    Past: What is the origin story for X?
    Future: What is the future of X?
    What are some potential black swans or unknown unknowns about X?
    What are the risks of X?
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