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18 jobs or careers I have no interest in

Thanks to @lovingkindnesscomedy for the idea.

    1. Everything that includes hard manual labor

    I have huge respect for craftsmen and manual laborers. However, sooner or later it leaves its mark and leads to signs of physical wear and tear.

    2. Salesman

    None of my talents. I tell people what I think is great. They nod politely and forget about it immediately.

    3. Cook

    Though I love cooking, there would be too much bullying and stress

    4. Physician or nurse

    Probably a great career. None of my areas of interest.

    5. Natural scientist or mathematician


    6. Politician

    7. Dancer

    8. Musician

    9. Martial artist

    10. Accountant

    Probably a great career. I just have no interest in it (at all).

    11. Mailman

    I worked as a mailman as a teenager, which was a disaster due to my poor sense of direction.

    12. Policeman

    I have no sympathy for disrespectful people and criminals. Giving me a gun would be a bad idea.

    13. Soldier

    Physically demanding, underpaid and potentially dangerous

    14. Teacher

    Being disrespected by young people would make me hate them.

    15. Bus driver or truck driver

    I'm not a particularly good driver. Driving a large vehicle every day would be risky.

    16. Factory worker

    I did this as a part-time job when I was a student. Boring!

    17. Night porter

    I would fall asleep and feel guilty for it.

    18. Network administrator

    Too much stress if the network is down

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