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19 Ways to Make a Difference

I fat fingered the number (19 instead of "10" 😂) on my phone today and decided to go with it 


    1. Pick up some trash in your neighborhood

    2. Double your usual tip

    3. Tip something aggressive like $5 on a $5 coffee

    4. Donate to a local gofundme anonymously

    5. Call your mom or dad and tell them you love them

    6. When you mow your lawn, do part of your neighbors’ (but maybe not if they’re super anal about lawn care)

    7. Look for fundraisers in your circle of friends for kids’ events and buy all the candy you can

    8. Send a positive, thankful private message to someone you follow in social media. Just say thanks. Don’t ask for anything.

    9. Save the close parking spots for people who move less ably than you. (Also, get more steps in!)

    10. Hold the door for everybody

    11. Do all the chores even if you usually split them in your house, just once or twice a week

    12. Go a day without complaining

    13. Tell someone you know is struggling you are thinking about them

    14. Turn off the news for a day (in all forms). It’s a joke.

    15. Turn off the news forever.

    16. Then try to get the people you love to turn off the news.

    17. Decide to go for a walk for 30 minutes.

    18. Don’t have a drink after work tonight. If someone asks “what’s wrong” tell them the truth.

    19. Play a game you love, but pay attention to it like it’s the last game you’ll ever play (IOW, turn your mind ON instead of OFF).

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